19 Months

It's November! How is it already November?! So much to do, so little time to do it in!

I'm so behind. I'm always behind! I have 3 posts for y'all but unfortunately, you only get one today: Easton's 19 month update!

Life with a baby is so much different this Fall compared to last Fall. Last year, he was still taking two naps, so after spending some time at the gym in the morning, we only had a couple hour block of time which was usually spent running errands. This year, we're down to one afternoon nap and errands have to be limited, so I'm becoming much more creative at filling our day!

Just like last month, we spent a lot of time at different parks around the city.  The weather was pretty nice most weeks so we were going to different parks 3-5 days a week!

Easton is so independent and so brave! He just marches off on his own to explore and take it all in. He has learned how to go up the steps on the playground equipment and can usually slide down the slide all by himself. 

When the weather is gross, we had to an indoor play gym - Gymboree! They have all sorts of things for the kids to climb on and explore. 

But his favorite things are the balls...

When we do run errands, I try to keep them short. We built a new table top for our dining table and Easton came along for the ride. He started getting bored in Home Depot waiting for wood to be cut, but fortunately Branch was there to keep him occupied!

When we're at home, Easton loves to play with his trains. He's OBSESSED with trains.

Easton has this funny new habit of throwing himself down on the dog bed. He's so silly!

Easton's really getting into books. He'll bring one out of the playroom and throw it in your lap, a sure sign that he wants to be picked up and read to. It's a habit I love!

Remember when I said he was brave....

Don't worry, he is closely supervised!

Easton had his 18 month checkup and it seems like he knew he was going to be getting shots :( 

Our little man is holding strong at 30lbs (97th percentile), 33.5" (85th percentile) and his big ole noggin is still in the 95th percentile. We don't have another checkup until his second birthday and I'm sure he's just fine with that!

Poor Bear was sick this month. Fortunately it consisted of extra cuddles and snuggles and I was happy to oblige!

We had some really fun play dates this month including another trip to the Zoo...

...and a baby brunch!

A week full of rain meant this baby needed his own rain gear, in his favorite Thomas the Train, of course!

He can't get enough of those boots! He exclaims "CHOO CHOO!!" every time he sees them and tries to put them on all by himself when I'm not looking!

Finally, we had school pictures this month. Needless to say, they didn't go well...

Time to get back to this little guy and make us all some dinner! Be on the lookout for a few more updates in the next week or so!

Love y'all!


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