15 Months

Oh y'all, do I have SO. MANY. PICTURES that need to be shared!

Easton is 15 months old and we think he is close to walking! Well, we hope. My back really hopes.

This is going to be another two-part post so I don't overwhelm y'all with pictures. Let's jump right in!

Every morning starts the same. Easton and I wake up sometime around 7:30 or 8 (Branch is long gone at that point) so I go down and get the Bear a bottle. He finally started drinking cold milk which speeds things up! After a diaper change, Easton lays in our bed and drinks his bottle while I throw on gym clothes. 

Often times, if I'm moving slow or spent more time cuddling with East instead of getting dressed, he'll finish his bottle before I'm done. Then he'll begin exploring the night stands.

He looooooves to play with the remotes!

Easton is getting really good a mimicking. Or maybe we're just getting better at mimicking him...

The bear is also very good at cruising (he can stand/walk around while he's holding onto something). He really likes to cruise on my makeup desk and then swipe things off the top. I'm constantly searching for makeup brushes and eyeshadow cases. 

Just about every Saturday and Sunday, we go out to brunch. We typically try to go between 9-9:30 so there isn't a wait, but sometimes we have to kill time. 

It's ok for babies to wear PJ's to brunch...

Moving on to things Easton loves:


Balls (specifically his dad's basketball)


And eating in general!

Easton loves hanging out with all of his grandparents but today we'll spotlight Gigi and Papa. We try to get together for Sunday dinners a few times a month and East is always excited to see the child-sized bear waiting there for him!

On Father's Day, Gigi and Aunt Lisa surprised Easton with his very own chair. He loved it! 

Baby knew exactly what to do and hopped right in on his own as soon as they showed it to him!

Easton and I stop by Daddy's office about once a week. The whole office finds him very entertaining!

More to come!

Love y'all!


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