Easton's First Trip to the Zoo!

On one of the milder Saturday's last month, Easton and I met up with our friend Christie and her daughter Adelyn to go to the Nashville Zoo! It was Easton's first trip to the zoo and I was so excited!

The Nashville Zoo is a great zoo, it's a little smaller than the Memphis Zoo but it provided plenty of entertainment for two 1 year olds and their mamas!

One of the coolest exhibits, by far, is the Kangaroo Encounter.  Basically you get to walk through a fenced in enclosure and you're surrounded by kangaroos! Nothing between you and the animals! And when they hop on the path, you're allowed to pet them! (Can you sense my excitement?!)

This baby kangaroo was just lounging in the path, waiting to be pet. We were happy to oblige!

Baby Adelyn was much more willing to actually pet the baby roo!

The second favorite exhibit of the day was the flamingos.  You couldn't actually pet them, but we were able to walk across a little bridge in their enclosure so the babies were at the same height as the birds. 

Notice the flamingo closest to Easton...

Getting closer...

Oh, hello there!

Right up in there, checking my little baby out!

Flamingos have to be the coolest birds. Their colors are so beautiful, and they are so elegant!

The third best area for the babies was the petting zoo. These two loved checking out the goats that ran amok!

They also had some alpacas and a mini donkey. 

The zoo had lots of other great animals to look at of course, like elephants and giraffes, but neither Christie nor I thought the babies got much out of those exhibits since the animals were so much farther away.

They did like the bird atrium though!

We're so glad Christie and Addie invited us to join them for such a fun filled day at the Zoo! Hopefully we'll get to return soon!


  1. So fun! The Memphis Zoo is pretty awesome, but I'm jealous of your 'roo-petting experience!


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