Laurence O'Bryan Branch Howard IV, Esq.

Yep, you read that wordy name right. Branch passed the Bar exam! After 3 years of law school and 3 solid months of full-time studying, he is officially done! I'm so proud of him and so relieved it's all over!

A portion of the "successful" list

Branch's office surprised him with lunch and a cake. They even invited Easton and I so we could join in on the fun!

Branch is really lucky to work with such a great group of people!

Per tradition, I made sure there was a bottle of Blanton's waiting for him when he got home!

We dropped E off for a few hours Friday evening so Branch and I could have an adults-only dinner to celebrate. We went to Silo in the Germantown neighborhood and it was soooo good. Think simple southern food with bold flavor and an extensive whiskey selection.

Branch's favorite: hot chicken!

It also happened to be Oktoberfest in Germantown so after dinner we walked around and checked out different vendors and bands. We lived in Germantown when we were first married and it is crazy how much development has happened in the last few years! So many new apartments and condos, not to mention the future home of the Nashville Sounds (our AAA baseball team)!

On Sunday we went to the Titan's game. This was E's second game but the conditions were much more favorable for a baby (less fans, overcast, moderate temperature) so we were able to stay the whole time :)

"Yay! We are on our way to my second Titan's game!"

Easton slept through most of the first quarter

But made it up for most of the second and third quarter!

He was a little more interested in his penguin than the action

Bottle break!

Annnnd we're getting sleepy again

Passed out on the ride home!

I have lots more pictures to share so expect another post real soon!

Love y'all!


  1. Congratulations to Branch!!! His name could be its own law firm. It's quite the name!

    How cute is the back of little E's hat on his little head?!? My goodness!

    Is Blanton's Branch's favorite? I wonder if Matt has had it before...


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