6 Whole Months!

Holy moly! We've made it halfway through a year! Without any prior experience, Branch and I have successfully kept this tiny creation of ours alive for 6 whole months! I'm just as proud of us as I am of our beautiful little son!

Things sure are different than they were 6 months ago, but I wouldn't trade our new lives for anything. This tiny person of ours has completely changed our world and all for the better. Sure, we haven't gone to a movie in six months; there have been multiple occasions where I have found dried spit up in my hair hours after I last fed my child (typically discovered in a public place of course); we have been covered in poo more times than I care to share; and it takes 20 minutes longer to get out the door every time we leave. Regardless, we've learned to embrace our new lives and try to enjoy every minute of it.

It is so incredible to watch him grow and to wonder about what kind of man he will become. I'm personally hoping he turns out pretty similar to his Daddy ;) Sure, the job of being his parent comes with a lot of worry. An insane amount of worry. Worry that each little decision you make for him will in some way alter his future (for the better or worse) no matter how minute. But then he smiles at you, or giggles when you hoist him up in the air, and the worry dissipates because at least in that moment, he is happy and healthy and loved and that's the best we can do for him.

Alright, enough of the sappy stuff, time for what you all came here for: the pictures!

First up, this kid is no match for the car. He can't make it out of the driveway before he is passed out.

If we're lucky, he'll continue sleeping when we get home :)

I got the idea in my head to try and bathe him in the sink. Then I remembered that we simultaneously have the world's smallest sink and largest 6 month old...

So I decided to take pictures of his cute bum before we put him in the big bathtub instead.
 So many rolls!

He still loves his activity center. He especially loves that he can fully stand up in it!

Easton and I go on walks together 4 days a week.

 He is no match for the stroller either...

To celebrate E's 6 month birthday, I turned the seat around so he could see the world. He fell asleep.

He is also no match for Kroger grocery carts. Seriously. This kid needs his beauty sleep.

He is working on holding his own bottle...

...But we're not quite there yet.

This guy has an entire crib to spread out in and choses to wiggle all the way to the top.
Thank goodness for Breathable Bumpers!

Yesterday, Easton received a gift from his Gramma and Grandpa! It's an animatronic Mother Goose that reads nursery rhymes. At first he didn't know what to think; he was completely mesmerized!

And then he made up his mind that he loved it!

Branch feels differently.

We also got to see Easton's Godmother Blair yesterday. She gifted him this tiny Titan's jersey to wear to football games!

These pictures make me laugh for a few reasons. 1) These pajamas are sooo tight he looks like an East Nashville Hipster and 2) he looks aggressively concerned with what is going on in this book.

Spoiler alert - there is nothing going on in this book. It is a random series of pictures.

And finally, the monthly comparison pictures!

Six months ago today we were given the greatest gift. Thank you all for loving him and supporting us like you do.

Love y'all!


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