16 weeks

Easton bunny turned 16 weeks on Wednesday - he will soon be four months old! How is this happening?!

We had a pretty busy week! My Grandaddy came in to visit and then we headed out to North Carolina for our friend's wedding celebration!

Grandaddy's deep voice lulled Easton straight to sleep!

Over the weekend, we made the 14 hour (round trip) drive out to Rural Hall, North Carolina to celebrate Reece and Katie's wedding. It was a great chance for Branch to take a much needed break from Bar studying and to catch up with friends. Easton did amazing! He was awake for most of the party, content being passed around, until he got in our new friend Andrew's arms. Then it was instant pass out! 

Unfortunately, the weather decided not to cooperate and it rained towards the end of the party but we didn't care! Just moved under the covered porch to continue the fun!

photo credits: Akemi San
Please ignore my goof-ball husband! Our friends Brian, (Branch and I), and the newlyweds Katie and Reece

Photo credits: Akemi San
Reunited and it feels so good!

The next morning, we went over to Reece & Katie's for brunch. The food was delicious but nothing beat this rug! You can't tell from the picture but this beauty was not only super soft but 3" deep of cushiony goodness!

Just like he had the whole ride there, Baby E slept the entire car ride home - only waking to eat twice. He's such a trooper!

Somehow all that sleeping wore him out! He continued the snooze-fest even after we made it home!

Other fun happenings of the week:

Easton loves this book! He looks naked here but I promise there's a diaper on under there!

Baby Bear is working real hard to be able to hold his own bottle. He doesn't quite have it mastered but I don't think it'll be long!

Still not a fan of tummy time, but it's not as bad when you have your favorite toy cheering you on!

We officially have a finger sucker. Ugh.

Since he's got a week until he takes his exam, Branch is in full-blown crunch mode. He's spent every day studying at Starbucks so he has fewer distractions around the house. While we miss him here at home, we still get a chance to come visit during lunch breaks!

Driver has completely exceeded our expectations. We were worried, since he isn't great around most kids, that he wouldn't like Easton, but there is hardly a time when they aren't in the same room together!

Case in point, this picture! It's hard to tell during this morning cuddle-fest but I'm in the mint shirt, Pickles is next to me, Easton is under the blanket and Driver is curled up at Easton's feet!

It's Branch's birthday on Friday so while we won't be doing a big party this week since he's so close to the exam date we will at least be going out for a good dinner on Friday night! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Love y'all!


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