15 weeks!

Easton turned 15 weeks old on Wednesday and he's starting to develop such a sweet little personality! He continues to freely give smiles and has recently become super chatty. If only we could understand what all his coo's and gurgles meant!

In addition to smiles and coo's, he's finally showing some interest in toys. He seems to really like his penguin "lovey" and loves to shove as much the soft blanket in his mouth as he can!

In addition to the lovey, he has become pretty attached to a penguin toy we got for his stroller. He loves to grab the rings that are attached to its feet and hold on tight!

This week, Easton discovered that he has fingers. Well, he discovered he has pointer and middle fingers. He continually grabs and tugs on them all throughout the day!

And now, please enjoy a collection of images of Baby E sleeping. Sadly, baby bear's sleeping habits are starting to change. While his nighttime stretches are getting longer (~10pm - 8am), his naps are getting shorter. No longer does he fall back asleep after breakfast and snooze on and off until 2pm. He's becoming much more active and requiring a lot more attention! So here's a group of sleeping pictures from this week, just so we can look back one day and remind ourselves how it once was ;)

Ahhh. Those were the days! Also, my kid apparently loves to throw them hands up!

And now for some fun ones:

Must be getting close to dinner time...

"But seriously. I can't feed myself guys!"

"Oh yea!"

Love y'all!


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