Wow, has it already been that long?

Today is a very special day :)

 Five years ago today, on Saturday, March 14, 2009, I found my other half.

I was playing "wing-man" for my best friend who was interested in one of Branch's friends. We went to an early St. Patrick's Day party in a hotel room at the Downtown Double Tree Hotel in Nashville.  We hadn't been there long when Branch and his friend, Andrew Crawford, walked in. After exchanging quick hellos, Branch completely ignored me even though we were all in very close quarters. I mean, the boy wouldn't even look in my direction! You can trust me on that one, because I was definitely making glances his way ;) It wasn't until we were all out at one of the local honky-tonks later that evening that he finally opened up and started talking to me. According to him, he thought I was at the party with someone else and it wasn't until I bought us a round of drinks that he thought he could approach me. Hours of dancing later, our group of friends ended up in a karaoke bar. While our more talented friends took their turn on the stage Branch and I sat next to each other, where he casually put his arm around my shoulders. In that moment, even after knowing him for only a few short hours, I had this overwhelming feeling that "we just were". Even from the very beginning it has always been so comfortable and so natural between us.

Five years, four apartments, three cities, two dogs, one wedding and a baby on the way and we're better than ever. The love I have for that man is beyond my ability to explain. He's so much more than I could have ever asked for and I thank God every single day for his love and companionship.  

I'm so excited for this next chapter in our lives to start but I will always hold onto the sweet memories of falling in love with him. 


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