Snow Day!

As many of you probably know, Atlanta was completely shut down today!  It all started yesterday when snow started falling around noon. Everyone in our department decided to head out at 1 when the snow started sticking to the roads and traffic started slowing down outside of our building.  Apparently, the rest of Atlanta had the same idea! It took me an hour and a half to drive the 5 miles home and I was one of the lucky ones! The roads on my drive weren't bad by any means - there were just so many cars!

Pickles didn't make it outside too long before retreating to the inside of his Daddy's coat!

Bump in the snow!

We made the best of it - I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up ingredients for chili.  We had friends over for dinner and game night!

We woke up to Atlantartica! The sun was shining but it was official: the entire city was shut down. My doctor's appointment today was canceled and tomorrow's ultrasound was moved to Saturday. We had friends that were supposed to drive in from North Carolina to go to the UNC vs GA Tech Basketball game tonight but we decided it'd be better if they stayed at home where we knew they'd be safe :(

Care to go for a dip?


Entrance to the CDC (just outside of our apartment complex)

All of those cars were abandoned....even the ones in the middle of the street.

How we spent the day - cuddled together on the couch!

It took multiple coworkers 6-9 hours to get home yesterday. My boss spent 9 hours trying to get home (she lives 30-45 minutes away on a good day) and ended up having to spend a night at a friend's house. Thousands of students spent the night at their schools and hundreds more spent the night in their car on the freeway. People spent the night in Home Depots, CVS and Publix.

One thing is for sure, Atlanta's response to 2" of snow (or any type of large scale emergency for that matter) leaves a lot of room for improvement.  Both the Mayor of Atlanta and Governor of Georgia continued to pass the blame to everyone from the school district superintendents for not canceling school for the whole day, to the businesses for letting their employees leave at the same time, to the meteorologists for not predicting with 100% accuracy where the snow would fall. What a mess!

We're feeling very blessed though! We were safe, warm and together. What more could we ask for?


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