Back in the Barn

Am I in a dream? Is this real life? Out of the blue this weekend, I was gifted a horse. A big, beautiful, wonderful-to-ride horse!

Meet Duke!

Duke post bath

I've been riding Duke since July, you might remember from this summer update post. He's a 17 year old off the track Thoroughbred who belonged to the trainer at my mother in law's barn. The trainer recently decided to downsize her lesson horse program, to which Duke belonged. She mainly works with beginner riders and his large strides and sensitivity to hand and leg cues made him an ill fit. Fortunately for me though, he and I get along great!

The whole thing came out of the blue - I got a text from my mother in law Saturday morning saying that she had been talking to the trainer and that the trainer wanted to give me Duke. My first thought was "OMG! I have daydreamed of owning him since the moment I met him!" and then my second thought was "OMG, can we afford this?" Duke is my fourth horse and I'm no stranger to the expenses associated with their monthly upkeep.

I replied to the trainer that I was honored she thought of me when looking to relocate Duke but that I wasn't sure we could work it out financially. Fortunately, she was able to work with me on the cost of the board and Branch and I worked it out that if I gave up our cleaning ladies and a trip (or two) to Target a month, we should be able to swing it comfortably. Huzzah!

The facility where we keep him is not only close to the house, but is situated on hundreds of beautiful acres. My mother-in-law keeps her horse out there as well and I'm so looking forward to trail rides together :)

Unlike with my previous horse, I definitely won't be showing or in a training program which will really keep the costs down. He's purely a pleasure horse :) I'm swapping out my jumping saddle for a dressage saddle (aka horse dancing) since I plan to only focus on flatwork. My number one priority is to be able to take care of Easton and while I've never been seriously injured jumping, I'm just not willing to take the risk at this point in my life.

Horses have always been a huge part of my life and I can't wait to share the experience with Easton. Duke really is a dream come true and I'm looking forward to many, many glorious hours spent out at the barn!

Love y'all!


  1. Hey Ally, love reading your blog and seeing what you and your adorable family have been up to. Can you send me your new address? Love and miss you!


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