Chugga Chugga, TWO TWO!

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! We went on a week long cruise, then returned to co-host a baby shower one weekend, followed by Easton's second birthday party this weekend! Needless to say, there's a lot to get y'all caught up on!

This post is pretty picture heavy so hope you're prepared to grab a cup of coffee and settle in!

As you're probably already aware, Easton is obsessed with trains. I decided to go with a vintage train theme (trying to avoid cartoon themed parties as long as possible!) in navy and green. I really think he enjoyed it!

All of these pictures were taken by our dear friend, who we all call Uncle Tommy. Uncle Tommy works at Branch's law firm and besides being one of the sweetest people I've ever met, is a talented photographer. We were so honored when he offered to take pictures at the party and he blessed us with 362 awesome photos!

My mom arrived a little early to help out with Easton while I finished the set up and Branch ran to pick up the food. This little boy sure loves his Mimi!

Soon after, our guests started to arrive!

As the house started to fill up, Easton and his friend Addie snuck away to the playroom!

Easton wasn't too sure about sharing his train table...

I made this little backdrop for the dessert/drinks table. Originally the plan was to have this outside but it was a little breezy on Saturday so we move it inside and blocked Easton's bedroom door instead. 

Even though the theme was technically not "Thomas" I couldn't resist adding this adorable Thomas birthday train. The little cake lights up and plays the Thomas theme song! Easton adores it!

The young guests were made up of children in different age groups (toddlers, 8 months, 4 months and 8 weeks) so I tried to pick train favors that were appropriate for their ages. They ranged from train shaped teethers, to a train bath toy to wooden trains!

We had room for seating inside at the table and on the couch but we added an extra table and some benches outside for overflow. You can tell how windy it was by how much the table skirt is moving around!

We ordered all the food from Chuy's. I know trains and Mexican food don't necessarily go hand in hand but I was craving Chuy's and knew it would be good for a big group. What Mama wants, Mama gets!

 Our friends Park and Elizabeth keeping Easton company with a pre-dinner snack 

 Aunt Rita, Bryan and Branch

My Uncle Pat and Mom

 My Aunt and Uncle took over dinner duty!

Sweet baby Lyla was our youngest guest at only 8 weeks old!

Some cool guys right there...

After the kids were fed, most headed outside to check out Easton's gift from his Gigi and Papa - an awesome new playset!

After a good amount of running around, it was time for everyone's favorite part: cake!

As the party started to wind down, Easton and Addie had more room to run around with Easton's large Thomas toy. They tried to make a break for it!

 "Do you see this, Mama?"

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members join us to celebrate Easton's second birthday. Our little boy has no idea how lucky he truly is! Thanks to all who were there in person and sending us well wishes from afar!

Love y'all!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! I absolutely adore that invitation and your decorations are perfect. Looks like it was a great birthday party! I might have to have a vintage train theme for my own train-loving little boy!


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