March Madness!

Wow guys!

I didn't realize how long much has happened since I blogged last! March has been a busy month for us!

Like most of the South, we got a few inches of snow. This wasn't that stupid ice stuff. Real, fluffy snow! I bundled Easton up to take him outside for some pictures. We practiced posing on the blanket inside first. For whatever reason, he was not pleased to wear his hood.

Why so sad little bear?!

It was super bright outside and East had a hard time keeping his eyes open. Needless to say, it was a short ordeal.

This was the best we could do. Maybe next year :)

Good news is, as traumatic as hood-wearing was, it wasn't anything some blueberries and turkey meat couldn't fix.

My mom had surgery on her neck the week after Branch's surgery. My Granddaddy and his wife Barbara came to town to help take care of her post surgery which gave us a chance to visit!

Easton loves Granddaddy!

Cool hair dude!

Not long after the snow, the temperature rose and we headed outside to take advantage of it! We took the bear to the Farmer's Market where he had his first taste of naan bread. 

Short sleeves for everyone!

Bear is in to everything. He loves helping Mama on the computer...

...And playing with all the toys at once!

Some of my favorite pictures of Easton are taken while he's in his highchair. For one thing, he's sitting relatively still. I also like them because they're evidence of how much he's grown. From bottles, to purees, to solid foods, the boy can eat just about anything now!

Taco Tuesday!

First rib!

He literally passed out while eating garlic bread.

High chairs are also fun for playing with toys...

...And falling asleep waiting for me to heat up his bottle.


Besides eating, Easton's favorite hobby is sleeping. Kid can crush some Zzzzs.

He prefers to sleep with penguin in his mouth. We now have multiple penguin loveys in rotation to keep them fresh!

Our morning routines don't change much from day to day. Branch makes up bottles for the day, and Easton and I cuddle in bed while he eats.

 Driver likes to get in on the cuddling too.

We just got back from our quick trip to Memphis so I'll have more pictures to share this week. 

Love y'all!


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