9 Month Update!

So this post would be more appropriately titled "nine and a half month update" at this point, but better late than never, right??

Also, we got a new chair for the nursery (thanks Mimi!). That will soon be a new color.  Probably should have held onto the rocker for the first year for comparison sake...

Fun fact: this is my 100th post on this little blog! So happy 100 to lots of family memories and moments!

But let's get to what you're here for: Baby E!

Nine months brought the biggest change in our little bear. He is on the move and won't be stopped! Toys no longer hold his interest, he just wants to explore!

Cabinet doors are probably his favorite. He loves to open/close/open/close/open/close them.

He got this little push-walker from Gigi for Christmas and it's one of his favorite toys!

But he also loves Mimi's workout equipment

So we thought it would be wise to get him a sweat band...

Just kidding, that's daddy's ;)

When we were unpacking, Easton spent a lot of time looking at this portrait of his Papa.

These two boys have my whole heart:

We are working on those solid foods!

Don't worry, we don't actually expect him to eat a whole pear - we were just letting him gnaw on the outside.

Caution: rice puffs are sticky when wet!

The dogs are much more interested in Easton now that he is learning to feed himself.

Also while at Mimi's...

 We're working with East on using a sippy cup. Either he doesn't like this particular cup, or he just prefers that we feed him, I'm not sure. Either way, it isn't going well...

Bear is still a very happy baby. As he grows, it's obvious that he's very independent which is fine by me! We spend a lot of our days doing what I like to call "supervised independent play" which really means, I'm watching to make sure he doesn't die/permanently injure himself while he explores the whole house but he can go where he wants and play with what he wants (no fear, all dangerous substances, sharp objects and choking hazards have been removed from his reach). So far, so good. I've found that if I let him figure things out for himself, he's actually a little more cautious than if I'm there to prevent him from climbing on things or have always have my hand under him to prevent him from falling down.

Easton loves the window seat in his nursery!

On our way home from North Carolina, we made a quick stop to Ikea in Charlotte to grab a few organizing supplies for the new house. I really wanted to get Easton this mini chair but Daddy said no :(

"Pretty please, Daddy!"

While Easton did pretty good on the drive, there was definitely a point when he started getting restless. We thought he had a poopy diaper so we pulled over to a rest area to change him. He thought "driving" was more fun.

Please note: we are parked in this picture!

When we were back on the road, he didn't want to sit still. I did what I said I'd never do and played a cartoon on my phone.

This face is why you don't let children watch TV:

Back and home and ready to play! Good thing mommy baby-proofed everything!

Easton loves his new nursery. Mama hates the pea-green color of the walls. Those will be changed next week.

Baby Mozart in the making?

And just to prove life isn't always smiles and sunshine...occasionally he fusses when he is tired and hungry ;)

Weight: 23lbs, 12 oz
Clothing size: 12 - 18 months
Teeth: 2! He has both front bottom teeth but those top two teeth aren't far away
Level of mobility: He can crawl, pull himself up on anything and can take independent steps with his 
New development milestones: Crawling! First word (Mama!) & Pulling up - It's been a big month!
Favorite activity: A tie between clearing off the tops of coffee tables and end tables or opening and closing drawers and doors
Sleeping: Sleeps from 7:30 pm - 6:45 am. Takes a 2.5 hour nap starting around 9am and then another cat nap in the afternoon (usually while we're out running errands).
Favorite Food: He still eats just about anything. We just started working on non-pureed solid foods (strawberries, rice puffs, ground beef, etc)
Least Favorite Food:  A sweet potato/chicken combination
Words?: He can say "Mama"!! But he says it for anything. When he sees me, when he needs something, when he cries...

I promise the 10 month update will be much closer to his actual birthday!

Love y'all!


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