Happy Thanksgiving!

Y'all, we have been so busy! Not only is the holiday season quickly approaching, but we have a big change in our living situation on the horizon and so I've gotten so behind on the posts!

Let's dive right in!

Driver may be a handle full some of the time, but he can also be super sweet. Here he is, trying to share his bone with Easton:

We're really working on teaching E how to hold the bottle. We first started with a sippy cup, but he had a hard time using it. 

But he seems to have better luck with the bottle!

How cute are those penguin jammies by the way? Thanks Gigi!

Speaking of jammies, it was so cold these past few weeks, Bear spent most of his time in pajamas!


Head to toe penguin!

 What happens when little bears refuse to take a nap in their crib...

Easton's Godmother, Blair, had a birthday a few weeks ago so we decided to whip up a little Happy for her.

I printed a letter B, cut it out, and used spray adhesive to stick it to a piece of cardstock. Then we were ready to let the little man go to town!

When the paint had dried, I peeled off the "B" leaving the white cardstock showing through. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the final product but I think it turned out pretty cute! I cut it to size and put it in a frame for her. The rest of his painting went on the fridge :)

After the painting fest, it was time to go straight to in the bath!

Easton loves his rubber duckies!

 Might be getting a little big for his baby bath...Quick, can you count the rolls?!

Easton learned how to army crawl this week. He's pretty fast. Sometimes he goes forward, sometimes he goes backwards, sometimes he goes under the couch to fetch the remote!

I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We'll be spending ours with the Howard's, Branch's sister Lisa and my mom.

Love y'all!


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