August 2016

Whoo boy! All these pictures seem like they were taken soooo long ago, because, let's face it, they were! September has completely flown by. Apologies for my lack of posting but I promise to make up for it!

I'm going to start by saying that Easton is such a lucky boy to have Branch as a father. Not only does he work so hard to support us, but when he's home, he's incredibly helpful to me and engaging with Easton. You rock, Branch!

As you fellow Tennesseans know, August was a hot month.

We renewed our membership to Cheekwood, the local botanical gardens. I have a feeling we will be going there to visit Thomas and his friends on the miniature track many times this Fall!

Easton's appetite has finally slowed down a little bit. He still has a big breakfast every morning, but usually only wants a light lunch and the equivalent of a snack for dinner.

One of our friends got married in August but unfortunately it poured the entire time their brief outdoor ceremony. They took it all in stride (I mean, what else can you do!?) and fortunately had taken all of their pictures before the rain started.

Even though the ceremony was abbreviated, we all had a wonderful time at the reception! It looks like Branch wasn't the only one to get a last wear out of his seersucker suit for the season! ;)

Easton started his new "school" and we all love it! His teachers are absolutely wonderful and he has great friends in his class. We get daily emails with pictures and this was by far my favorite from the month:

Just loungin' with his ladies

I was thanking my lucky stars when I knocked my knife off the kitchen island and it landed like this:

That could have been bad!

Our neighbors up the street had a small fire start in their garage. Once it was clear everything was ok, I ran back inside to wake Easton up from his nap so that he could see all the firetrucks!

The kind firemen even let Easton check one out up close!

Easton has become quite the helper at the grocery store ever since we discovered the little carts. This was his first time using one, but now he follows me around the store and I hand him each item to put in his cart. It's a little more hectic than I'm used to, but it seems to be a great learning opportunity for him!

I discovered Snapchat in August (a photo App) we had fun playing with the photo filters one day while Easton was taking a bath!

Pretty sure he's going to hate me for this one...

Branch and I were lucky enough to go on a couple great dates in August, one of which led us to a bar called Old Glory. It's in a space that used to be the furnace room of an old commercial dry cleaners. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area!

We also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary by visiting the same restaurant that we went to on our first date!

Grandma and Grandpa (my Dad and Stepmom) sent Easton a wonderful new book called Good Night My Sleepyhead! It's a Hallmark book that lets them record their voices reading each page and Easton loves it!

Last but not least, one warm summer evening, we walked down to a local restaurant to kick off our neighborhood's appreciation month.

There was music and dancing...

And Easton may have even fallen in love...

Love y'all!


  1. An older woman! Better watch him closely, Mama!

    So glad that knife didn't land that way in your foot...that woulda hurt!!


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