Exploring St. Thomas

Even though Amber Cove wasn't the most exhilarating port day, we knew we had many more exciting days ahead of us! The next morning, we arrived in beautiful St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The view from our balcony as we pulled into the port.

Fortunately, those clouds cleared out as soon as we were done docking!

As soon as we were off the boat, we found an open air taxi bus to take us to Magen's Bay which was on the other side of the island.

That water down there is Magen's Bay.

Magen's Bay is a public park and when we first arrived there were a ton of people on the beach. Not exactly what we were looking for.... However, we quickly realized that all those people had plopped down their stuff there because it was close to the taxi stand, bathrooms and the little restaurant so if we just walked farther down, we'd have some room to stretch out. 

Ahh, much better!

After a couple hours of reading, relaxing and swimming we dried off and headed back for the city. We had to go over a steep hill to get back to the port side of the island but it gave us some stunning views!

We had the taxi drop us off in town so we could grab a late lunch. You can tell that we're getting a little "older" and that our priorities have changed because everywhere we went, all we would do is gawk at the beauty of the architecture and all the colors. We used to be all about finding the next fruity drink... oh how times have changed! ;)

Those doors!

The sun was starting to go down as we made our way back to the boat. Technically, we had enough time to have dinner on the island but unfortunately all the time out in the sun and walking around downtown left us pretty whooped, so we just headed back to the boat to change and have a quiet dinner on board.  

St. Thomas at night

As sad as we were to leave St. Thomas, we did get to enjoy a movie, Jurassic World, out under the stars up on the Lido Deck as we pulled out for the next destination!

Next up, my favorite stop, Puerto Rico!!

Love y'all!


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