20 months

I'm about 2 weeks late on Easton's 20 month update, but with the holidays in full swing, it's hard to keep up! We've been busy enjoying time with friends, decorating the house, Christmas parties, wrapping presents and even a quick trip to North Carolina!

Some of these pictures feel so OLD because they were taken back in early November (hence the warmer weather and wearing of shorts) but I promise to try and get back on track with more regular posting :)

November was kind of a weird month. It started out pretty warm, but we had a couple days where the temps required us to be bundled up. Any time the weather is mild, we try to take advantage and spend a lot of time outside and at the park.

We got Easton some Thomas the Train rain boots and he is OBSESSED. Every time he sees them he yells "Choo Choo!" and sits down to put them on. This day was no different...except he wasn't wearing pants.  Good thing it was still in the 70's!

He stomped up and down our front walk way hollering up a storm!

One Saturday, we had our friends Christie and her daughter Addie over to play. After getting soaked using the dog bowls as a water table, we stripped the kids down so I could put their clothes in the dryer. They took it as an opportunity for a dance party!

In my last post, you saw our Christmas photos :) Here are some pictures I took after our session with the photographer:

This is my world, and it sure makes me happy :)

The day before Thanksgiving, Branch, Easton and I went to visit Branch's Nana. She has Alzheimer's so she doesn't really recognize Easton as her great grandson, but she absolutely ADORES him!

I love how happy she is in this picture!

Easton started getting into shoes this month. Specifically trying to wear Daddy's shoes!

(And destroying our closet in the process!)

Per tradition, the day after Thanksgiving, we headed out to the Christmas Tree place to buy our tree with Branch's mom. We spend a lot of time agonizing over which trees are the best but boy did we come home with a beauty this year!!

Finally, our son loves books, and we are thrilled about it! Branch and I have always enjoyed reading so it's really exciting that Easton is into books at such a young age. Obviously, he can't read yet, but he loves to pull them out and "read" to himself. He'll turn the page, look at it, babble something out loud, then turn the page and repeat.

He reads when he's in daycare at the gym...

When he's sitting in Mommy's lap...

In his little chair while Mommy's making dinner...

Even while riding his rocking horse!

 All the books, all the time!

In addition to reading, Easton's next biggest passion is trains; don't worry, I have a whole post on that coming right up!

Love y'all!


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