18 Months

Happy Sunday everybody! If you were wondering, this gives you an accurate idea of what our Sunday's typically look like:

(As well as Thursday and Monday nights!)

Our little bear continues to grow from baby into boy and I'm so glad I get to put these little posts together since it gives me a chance to reflect on how he's changed from month to month!

Our little boy is fiercely independent, and while that's nothing new, now that he's bigger and more capable of getting into trouble, we have to keep an even better eye on him. He learned how to climb this month, and since there was no shortage of boxes, there was no shortage of new things for him to claw his way up on to. 

This child is super weird about baths. Typically, he hates them. Really, I think he hates running water. He also cries when I have to wash his hands in the sink. But he was hamming it up in his first bath in the new house!

This has been the first month that I feel like Easton has been really into playing with toys. Before, he was so busy exploring his surroundings, he didn't really have time to bother with toys but now he can entertain himself with his water table, toy trains and wire/bead toys!

It has also been the month of visiting playgrounds at parks! We go at least 2-3 times a week, to different playgrounds all over the city. He's learned how to go up the steps all on his own, walk to the top of a slide, sit down and wait for me to assist him with sliding down. It's only a matter of time before he can do the whole thing all by himself!

In addition to going all over town, we're still taking time to enjoy the local spots in our neighborhood. One of our favorites (while the weather was still nice) was Bobby's Dairy Dip!

Time to get back to our regularly scheduled Sunday programming. Oh! It looks like someone else got a hold of the remote!

Love y'all!


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