Sweet Summertime!

Hi everybody! I'm so sorry it has been so long! They switched up the website where I store our photos and it took me a while to figure out how to access them again. 

I have SO much to catch you up on! We close on our house today, Easton has his first day of "preschool" (Mother's Day Out) and our little bear turns 17 months tomorrow! In between everything else we have going on this week, I'll do my best to get this little blog all caught up!

About 3 weeks ago, Easton and I went to Memphis for the night to see my Dad and Stepmom who happened to be in town.  With them living so far away, it was well worth the drive to spend a little time with them!

We went to dinner at Bennihana's which Easton loved!

And things went well until it was time for the babe to fall asleep.  He was abnormally fussy when I tried to put him down in the Pack N' Play in the hotel room so I let him cuddle in bed with me. I (stupidly) thought he would fall asleep while we watched TV...

But this was us at 11pm. It's hard to tell, but he is standing in bed with his penguin blanket on top of his head. He would do that, and then FLOP down on the bed! Ay yi yi! 

He did finally fall asleep and it ended up being fine because he just napped the whole ride back to Nashville :)

My stepmom had to work the next day and it was hot and muggy so I suggested that Dad and I head to the new Bass Pro in downtown Memphis.  The place is ridiculous but a lot of it was beautifully done!

The massive fireplace in the lobby

Grandpa teaching Easton about bear safety

The restaurant (and bowling alley!)

It has everything a hunter/fisherman/sportsman could ask for, and while neither of us had any interest in hunting or camping equipment, it was still fun to see! There are even live alligators!

 Grandpa loves to entertain the baby!

 I'm not sure why that woman was not more concerned that there was a bear attack happening right behind her!

And Dad even got us a housewarming present - the neighbors will be so pleased ;)

Later that week, back in Nashville, a friend and I decided to take our boys to the Cumberland Park Splash Pad. I think it's pretty new and it is such a cool addition to our city!

It's pretty massive as far as splash pads go. It's hard to tell from the picture but all the kids are standing in about 3" of water. To Easton's right, it gets a little deeper (maybe a foot).

There are also these fun rolling hills and a giant sandbox!

East loved to climb up and then slide back down!

 Towards the end, he was finally brave enough to stand under the waterfall!

Now that the outdoor pools are closed for the summer, we're spending more time at local parks to stay out of the house. Easton still loves the swings, but he's also learning to explore the playground equipment. 

Still isn't sure how to get up to the top of the slide...

 My little stomper!

I promise to have at least one more update this week, if not more! I still have pictures from our anniversary trip to Florida to share plus a monthly update for E!

Love y'all!


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