13 Months!

A little late, but that's better than never, right?

Easton is 13 months old and this has been a pretty wild month for us! He's learning so much - like how to put on a hat by himself, eat a banana like a big boy, give high fives! (and low fives!), and likes to pretend talk on the cell phone. He can also say "Hello" (Hala), "Dog" (Dug), Mama, Dada, and just started trying to say bottle this morning (Bought).

He also had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease and has started having separation anxiety when I drop him off at daycare at the gym or put him down for a nap.  Like I said, it's been a wild month!

As Easton gets older, it's getting harder to eat out on a semi-regular basis. He loves playing with credit cards and wallets. It makes for easy entertainment when we are at a restaurant or in the car.

We're also trying slowly to get him into crayons (I realize he's way too young) and while he'll try an put them to paper, he prefers to chew on them instead...

Last, but not least, who doesn't love a good neck massage?

East is fascinated with steps. He can go up them easily, but we're still working on going down. 

We had some fun outings this month. Easton went to the library for the first time. The Green Hills Library is a magical place. It has a huge back room for children's books and an area for the little ones with a doll house, puppet stage and tons of board books!

We also took him to Brilliant Sky Toys (a local toy store) where he got to play with their train table.

Halfway through the month, I noticed a small rash around Easton's mouth. At first I thought it was a drool rash, or maybe something had irritated his skin, but when it didn't go away by the afternoon, I called the pediatrician. Turns out he had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.  It's crazy contagious among children (and apparently adults can get it too, although Branch and I were lucky enough to avoid it) so Easton was locked down in quarantine for a week and a half. We don't usually stay in for long periods of time (no joke, we get out of the house at least twice a day) so it was a challenge for both of us to stay entertained. We tried to make the best of it though!

He and Driver did some TV watching

He pulled out all the pieces to his play mat...

...And all the books off his book shelves.

We stacked and unstacked blocks

He made dunks

...Lots of dunks...

We splashed outside in some bowls of water...

Good news, he really only had the rash on and in his mouth. None on his feet or hands.

And tried stuffing beach balls into drums.

He tried to sneak under the gate to get to the dog food.

He played in the cabinets...

And got caught!

"But look at this cool spoon I found Mom!"

One night, towards the end of a long day trapped at the house, he and I had to eat dinner before Branch got home. 

I was too tired to continue to entertain him so I put a show on the computer so I could eat in peace. #badmama

That zoned out look (that he held for like 5 minutes) is why we don't have the TV on during the day...

That night, I went to visit my mom in the hospital (she recently had back surgery) so Branch took over. Just two guys hanging out!

Fortunately, the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease passed. Now if we can move past the separation anxiety and sleep regression we'll be in good shape! Wish us luck!

Love y'all!


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