My Baby Cousin got Married!

And what a beautiful bride she was! I cried. It was the first time I've ever been moved to tears by a bride and I was.

Early, early, Sunday morning, Branch, Easton and put on our Sunday best, hopped in the car and headed to Chattanooga for Natalie and Ben's wedding. Brancha and I had never visited downtown Chattanooga before even though we have driven through countless times and it was really cute! We'll have to make a return trip to really be able to check it out.

The wedding and reception was held in this beautiful glass-enclosed event space called the Waterhouse Pavilion. We arrived a little early, just to be safe, and so we were able to catch up with some of the rest of the family that was in town for the festivities.

East did great the whole ceremony. Towards the end he started to get a little wiggly so his daddy took him to stand in the back with the other baby/parent duos.

 I'm probably biased, but I'd say he was the cutest wedding guest there!

My Aunt Jere was glowing!

 After the ceremony, we had brunch and chatted with family.  Not long after, the bride and groom arrived!

They look so completely happy!


Easton was enamored with Natalie's beaded shawl. I wish I could have gotten a close up, it was simply stunning - just like Natalie!

Baby E loved getting passed around and spending time with family he doesn't get to see all the time.

One thing Easton wasn't a fan of clapping and cheering so when the bride and groom entered for the reception, Branch took him outside for some fresh air.

I couldn't be happier for my baby cousin. She's an amazing woman and her new husband is so lucky to have her. We wish them all the joy and love in the world!

And that's a wrap!

Love y'all!


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