June 2016

Y'all, I'm terrible! I was doing so well, getting these posts together regularly and then I just completely fell off the map! Good news is, I have a ton lined up including a family trip to the Bahamas to celebrate Branch's 30th birthday, me heading down to Florida to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday and more updates on the house!

Today, I'm here with the monthly round up of pictures from JUNE (hello, August!). I promise to get the other posts finished and posted ASAP :) Until then, hopefully these can hold tide you over:

Date Nights

We're so lucky that my mom watches Easton overnight for a night almost every single week. It gives us a break where we can focus on each other and we know East has a great time as well :)

We tried some new things in June - the first of which was to go to a trampoline center for a double date with some of our friends! I think we all lasted about an hour - jumping on a trampoline uses a lot more energy than I remember growing up!!

On the following Saturday, we tried a new restaurant that is technically out in the country, but only 15 minutes from our house called The Old School Farm. It is located, as you can imagine, in an old schoolhouse and is a farm to table restaurant. They grow a lot of their own fruits and veggies and source the rest of their ingredients from local farms. Not only is it a beautiful place, but the food is delicious!

Where dinner comes from!

Bath Time

Bath time, or "bawble baths" as Easton calls them, are always fun. My mom found this picture of me at a similar age to Easton and it's fun to see the comparison :)

You might remember this picture from our Summer Summary post where Easton covered himself in melted chocolate...

...it got worse before it got better!

Outdoor Fun

Even though June was H-O-T there was no excuse for us to not get outside. I took East to visit his Gigi's horse, Lucca, at the barn one Saturday. He didn't ride, but he enjoyed looking at him and helping me brush him.

We spent a lot of time in the pool - whether at one of the local YMCA's or in kiddie pools in our backyard. We started with a basic green pool but quickly upgraded to one with a slide!

Sometimes he was too impatient to wait for his clothes to come off to go in!

Meal Time

Easton still loves to eat but he's definitely eating less than he used to (the pediatrician said that was completely normal).  Most mornings his breakfast include some mix of oatmeal, eggs and yogurt.

Out and About

It's not easy to run errands with two year olds, that's why I'm SO grateful he's enrolled in a preschool program. School doesn't start back until next week so in the mean time, we've been taking things slow, limiting the amount I drag him around to do each day, and try to leave plenty of time for fun.  One thing I've learned, there's no point in trying to rush a curious toddler.

East is still obsessed with all things balls. He can hardly wait to be big enough to play basketball with the big guys at the Y.

We try to find entertainment anywhere we can - especially while waiting to checkout at Old Navy!

We were at Smoothie King one morning and I instructed Easton to stay on the "sticker" on the floor. He minded, but he tried to stretch his freedom as much as possible!

The Peach Festival

Easton and I met up with our good friend Christie and her daughter Addie to check out The Peach Festival in a local neighborhood. Neither one of us knew what to expect but it turned out to be pretty similar to a farmer's market, with a focus on peaches, obviously ;) The weather decided to take a turn for the worse not long after we arrived, but before the sky opened up, we were able to get the kids' faces painted.

Since it was looking like it was going to storm, we walked up the street to Martin's BBQ for dinner. Those two are too cute together!

Last but not least, we go on a walk with the dogs almost every night after dinner. There is a local elementary school with a huge fenced in playground where we can let the dogs (and East) run free. There's not a puddle that this boy doesn't love!

Promise to be back soon with more updates! Love y'all!


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