Summertime Things

Hey y'all! I am still playing catch up from last month's update so here are the rest of the pictures.  

This summer has been so fun! Easton is quite a bit sturdier this summer than last so we get to do fun things like going to the pool all the time! Sometimes we're lucky enough to get to hang out with our friends at the pool too, like this day where we met up with our friend Caroyln and her baby Dylan!

One summer evening, Branch's parent's asked us to let their dogs out since they were going to be out late playing bridge. I snapped these pics near their creek.

We go to the pool, on average, four times a week. Easton agressively loves the water. He charges in and flops his body in repeatedly!

One Saturday morning, we headed out to the famous Loveless Cafe for some fresh homemade biscuits and brunch.

Even though it was early, there was already a wait so we killed time by walking around the property.

The waitress kind of gave me some attitude when I placed Easton's order (two eggs, fruit and sausage) for not just sharing mine with him. Little did she know that he would completely clear his own plate and have some of my leftovers!

It's likely he loves Mexican as much as he loves biscuits :)

On July 4th weekend, we had a friend's wedding. The Groom is Indian and the Bride is Christian so they did a double ceremony to honor both families. That meant two ceremonies and two parties!

Branch in pajamas for the Indian ceremony.

My new (very temporary) ink!

The Groom rode in on a white horse surrounded by the guests!

Easton joined us for the reception on the second night and was looking dapper per usual!

I will be working on the 16 month update soon and hope to get completely caught up! We also have some super exciting news that I can't wait to share!

Love y'all!


  1. Love the pics of you and Easton at the wedding! So cute!


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