Out and About!

Happy Weekend!

We got out and about quite a bit in May and early June.  I'm trying to take Easton to more exciting places than just running errands - kid has to be getting tired of trips to Target and Kroger!

The first thing we checked out was the Tennessee Rural Festival. I read about it in a local parenting magazine and thought it would be a fun way to spend a sunny morning. I had no idea what to expect, but definitely didn't think we were going to show up to an event with 300+ children in attendance! 

First, we checked the mini ponies and mini donkey. I about died from cuteness overload.

(He still hates grass)

Inside the barn were chickens, turkeys, llamas, ducks, horses, cows, and goats!

Outside the barn were different craftsmen. We moved from tent to tent learning about the different trades. One of the most interesting was a woman who carves faces out of apples. When then apples dry out, they look like wrinkled old people. Then she paints them and adds hair and accessories.

The stages of apple carving

In addition to the apples, there were bee keepers, sheep sheering, butter churning, loom weaving, wool spinning and a blacksmith. Fun fact: did you know you can make yarn from Pomeranian fur? Like Pomeranian, as in the tiny dog breed. Weird, I know.

 Churning that butter!

A few days later we went to Petco (which really counted as an errand since I had to pick up dog food) but we took some time to stroll over to the aquarium side. As you may remember from our trip to Florida, Easton loves looking at fish tanks!

On Memorial Day, Branch, Easton and I went to Cheekwood to check out their new exhibit: Juame Plensa's Human Landscape.  The grounds were accented with Plensa's intriguing metal sculptures.

These enormous faces were made out of stainless steel mesh!

We had a pretty big weekend last weekend, which included ice skating at the local sportsplex! Our friends Daniel and Nina go weekly (Daniel plays rec league hockey and Nina is a supportive girlfriend) and we had a great time during the free skate!  Unfortunately, they didn't carry skates in Easton's size (nor can he even walk, let alone skate!) but he finds ice skaters to be very entertaining to watch!

On Sunday, we met up with some of our friends for a concert in the park and I thought these pictures were too cute not to share! My friend Christie had told me that her baby girl, Addy, was quite the flirt at school. Little did we know she would be making moves on baby Reagan! Bow Chicka Wow-Wow!

Pucker up fella!

We are lucky to live so close to a really great YMCA. Easton and I go almost every weekday (they have free child care while you work out, so why wouldn't I go!?!) and they often have Kids Gym with mats and bounce houses!

Easton is obsessed with balls right now, and that was really all he wanted to play with! I can't wait for him to get a little bigger to try this thing out though!

There were a couple guys playing basketball on the other side of the divider. Easton spotted their basketballs and really wanted to join!

On Wednesday, my friend Carolyn and I met up to go walking with the babies. It was pretty early in the morning but, boy had it already warmed up! Easton and I tried to keep cool in the shade since we arrived a little early.

He loves the swing!

Now that it's officially summer it is time to head to the pool! The Maryland Farms YMCA has an amazing pool for kids with faux beaches, a splash pad and a baby pool. I was there by myself so I couldn't get any pictures of East in the water but rest assured we had a good time ;) 

Making sure to get water out of all the holes ;)

Love y'all!


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