Summertime and the livin's easy

Hello all! Hope you're week has been going well - ours sure has! 

On Monday we headed to the beach. It was obviously Easton's first time and while there were moments where he seemed to enjoy it, he might still be a bit too young to have a really great time at the ocean. He was neither impressed nor upset by being in the water, but the real problem was his inability to get comfortable on the beach, even though we had plenty of shade and a nice breeze. 

Of course we had to get him some tiny baby sunglasses!

For dinner we headed to a restaurant in Pass-A-Grille called the Brass Monkey. We had called ahead to see if we could bring Pickles and found that they had a dog friendly. We thought we'd be sitting outside, so you can imagine our surprise when they seated us inside with Pickles!

The next day, we relaxed for a bit before hopping in the car to head south. My Dad and Stepmom were on the last leg of their boat trip and were stopping in Sarasota for the evening. They asked if we could join them for an afternoon lounging by the pool and dinner! We happily obliged :)

The pool at the beautiful Field Club

Helping Easton with his new shoes. "Where did my toes go Gramma!?"

I thought it'd be a good excuse for Easton to wear one of his new rompers :)

Easton's hat is just a little too small!

After dinner, we headed back to St. Pete for the night. We spent the next morning hanging out by the pool before heading to downtown St. Pete for the afternoon.

Easton found Mama's toes just as fascinating as his own!

The kids are back in school which means everywhere we go is much less crowded!

Nothing but blue skies

I love downtown St. Pete. I think it's such a great mix of modern skyscrapers, cobblestone streets, trendy restaurants and of course, water views. 

We grabbed a little snack at a place called Cassis which was not only dog friendly, but had their own doggie menu!

The beer is for Mama, the ice cream is for Pickles!

It took him a second to get into it but as soon as he found it, he was hooked!

We headed back to Hudson for the night - we were out of clean clothes :) On our way back, we stopped at Publix to grab ingredients for dinner and spotted this giant bird in the parking lot: 

Only in Florida...

The sun was setting and we couldn't resist grabbing more pictures of the landscaping at our rental...

This morning we rose to more blue skies and baby smiles! We've got plans to meet up with my parents tonight for some dinner and Flamenco dancing!  

Love y'all!


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