3 months old

Where has the time gone? Not much has gone on in the past week - just working on some projects around the house. Instead of a full run down, I figured it's time for a good old fashioned photo dump. 

Enjoy :) 

Baby Bear is used to sleeping on the go!

I left Easton on the floor for 2 seconds to grab a glass of water. This is what I returned to...

Baby E loves his bouncy chair and especially looking at himself in the mirror on the play bar!

Sad that we lost to Belguim/proof that he actually does cry sometimes.

Where's Easton?

Tough guys

I swear: this kid is going to go straight from sitting to walking. #crawlingisforbabies

Face full of cheeks.

And now time for the outtakes from our monthly "photo-shoot"

Driver wants in on the fun!

And for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Holy cow, I can't believe he is standing up on his own!!!

    Loved the photo dump; Easton is getting so big! Time really is flying!


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