10 whole weeks!

Our big man is 10 weeks old today and not much has changed around here - he just keeps growing! We go to the doctor next Tuesday and I can't wait to see how much he weighs and how tall he actually is! 

This picture just makes me melt!

In addition to being big, our little man is strong! He can push himself up, and support his head for the most part. We spend a lot of time doing tummy time during the day and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he can sit up unassisted!

Easton continues to love baths...and who doesn't love pictures of babies in the bath??

Pickles and Baby E have become inseparable! Well. Pickles is wherever I am which means he's around Easton quite a bit! He decided he should they could even share a chair together ;)

We went to visit Branch's Dad, Bryan, at work last week and he was very excited to see his grandson!

That's Brian's excited face ;)

We also went to see my mom and her new dog Poncho! Is he not the cutest thing? He was a rescue and the vet believes he is about 7 months old. He is not only great with Easton but with our two dogs as well! He couldn't be a better fit for the family!

Branch takes care of the morning feedings and I often wake up to hearing him cooing and making high pitched noises at Easton to get him to talk back and smile :)

Sorry that the picture is blurry!

Next to baby smiles (and baby sneezes) - baby rolls have to be my favorite thing!

Our little man continues to be a good sleeper (thank goodness!). He naps everywhere from his crib, to his bouncy chair, to the stroller when we're at the mall!

Busted out of that swaddle!

This week, Easton grew too big to fit in his bassinet and is now in his stroller seat. 

He even sleeps when we go to hit balls at the neighborhood driving range!

In case you forgot what his eyes look like:

So much cheek!

We've got a busy rest of the week planned including Branch's first Father's Day! Hope it's a great one for you too!

Love y'all!


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