Have a SPANXY Christmas

As colorful and bright as our office is, it's no surprise that SPANX does it big at the holidays! The festivities kicked off in early December with a company-wide shopping trip to Neiman Marcus.  Neiman's opens the store early, just for Spanxsters, and we get to spend a few hours mingling, browsing and picking out special treats for ourselves! Neiman's was actually the first department store to carry SPANX so it makes it even more special that we go back each year!

The next week was the company Christmas party.  SPANX hosted the event at Mason Murer Fine Art which is a local art gallery and event space.  The space was beautiful! My favorite part was the ice cream sandwich station where you could create a custom ice cream sandwich - this pregnant lady enjoys her desserts!

For coworker gifts, I repeated one I had made in the past (but was new to my SPANX coworkers).  I got my inspiration from this Erin at In between Laundry, but I made a few tweaks.



They were a huge hit, so in case you'd like to recreate them, here's how I did it!

Supplies needed:
Ice Breakers Mints (as many tins as coworkers)
2.5" round labels (I used Avery brand)
Gift Tags (I used Martha Stewart tags found at Micheal's)
Color Printer

Step 1: Design the labels! I downloaded the Microsoft Word template from Avery's website.  You can also create your labels on the Avery website and but I had trouble getting them to print centered on the labels so I designed some myself in Microsoft Word. I downloaded a font called Santa's Sleigh (#2) which can be seen here:

Click here to download these fun free fonts!
I inserted a Clip Art snowflake as a background onto each of the labels and printed them. I then sent them through the printer again to print the font (my computer was giving me trouble aligning the Clip Art with the text).

Step 2: Cover the nutrition label on the back of the package. This is where I deviated from Erin's instructions. She actually places the labels on the front of each package and then trims out the openings. Ain't nobody got time for that!  Especially when you're putting together 15+!  So instead, I covered the back label with my new label! The 2.5" circle labels are large enough to cover the nutrition label completely. Just make sure to center your label on the back of the package :)

Step 3: Beautify! I finished off the gifts with some red glitter ribbon and the gift tags.  I placed them on everyone's desk with the printed-label side up.  And there you have it! An easy, inexpensive coworker gift that is sure to please everyone!


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