Baby Howard is a...


Branch and I are so excited to be welcoming a little boy into our family next April! Obviously we would have been happy either way but I think we both secretly had our fingers (and toes!) crossed that our first child would be a boy!

We went a slightly nontraditional route when finding out the gender. Typically, you can find out the sex of the baby at your 20 week ultrasound, which in my case would be the week of Thanksgiving. We thought we'd have the patience to wait, and maybe even have the ultrasound tech put the results in a sealed envelope so we could find out with friends and family. However, at 12 week checkup, we were told a blood test could tell us the baby's sex within 7-10 business days! We jumped on board!

Branch picked up the results from the doctor's office the following Friday (in a sealed envelope - no peeking!). I made a reservation for dinner at a local Italian restaurant and we waited anxiously until 6:30 rolled around.  I thought we might be able to make it through dinner and open it during dessert but you can forget about that! We got to our table, placed our drink order, and the envelope was out on the table! I can't even describe the feelings I felt when we opened the envelope!

It just didn't feel real! We spent the rest of the meal talking about names, what he'll be like, what we think he'll look like, what kind of sports he might want to play and so on. Our server was really nice and brought us a celebratory Tiramisu for dessert. After dinner we started making calls to our parents so we could share the news with them! All in all, it was a great way to find out!

We want to thank you all for sharing in our joy as we grow our little family!

Much love!


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