Cone Head.

Merry Christmas! It's finally the holiday season and I'm so excited! We haven't started decorating yet but hopefully I'll start breaking out the lights, garland, wreaths and drag in a tree this weekend.

Thanksgiving 2012 was pretty eventful but we had a great time catching up with some of our friends and family in Nashville.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've probably seen a few of these pictures but I wanted to be able to keep them all in the same place so here we go:

First up - we got Pickles a tiny letterman jacket. It even has leather sleeves and tiny pockets and buttons on the front. I die. it was totally worth it.

Branch loves his tiny Carolina fan

We spent Thanksgiving day with friends and family.  We started out the morning at the annual Turkey Bowl, which is hosted by the Rosenblatts. Every year Thanksgiving, they open up their beautiful home for a morning of mimosas, cinnamon rolls, lochs, and touch football. It's something we look forward to going to every year and this year was no exception! To add to the day, we found out that the Rosenblatts live directly across the street from a house they use for filming one of my favorite shows: Nashville. We couldn't help but go take a picture in front of the house...

After Turkey Bowl, we headed over to the Howard's for dinner.  We had a party of 6 - Branch, my sister-in-law Lisa, my in-laws, my mom and Branch's Nana Gwynn. Gwynn loooooves Pickles. And Pickles looooooves Gwynn! She's always been a big animal lover and I think Pickles can tell. I love seeing them together!

The next day was Friday, aka the first day of Christmas!  Branch, Jane and I made our annual trip out to Green Hills to pick out the family Christmas tree. Lisa had to miss the outing to drive back to Athens, but she was there in spirit :)

Christmas tree shopping is always interesting with our group. Everyone has their own opinion as to which tree is best! I'm more concerned with the shape and fullness. Jane loves a tall tree. Branch just tries to keep things reasonable - it's a Christmas miracle when we finally pick one! This year was no exception and we ended up with a gorgeous, well shaped tree that looks stunning in the Howard's entryway. I can't wait to go back at Christmas and see it fully lit and decked out with ornaments!

Since Jane is petite, Branch and his Dad have the task of lighting the top of the tree. Pickles decided he was going to try and assist but ended up making more of a mess than anything!

We had some free time Saturday morning and it was a gorgeous day! I We took a drive out to Arrington to pick up a few bottles of wine to stock our bar and decided to participate in a wine tasting while we were at it! Note to self: we really need to live on the top of a hill!

Saturday ended with the dogs in a bit of a rumble. Pickles got caught between two of the bigger dogs playing and ended up getting bit.  I'll save you the gory details but the little man ended up needing to go to the vet who put a few drains in him to make sure that the bite marks would heal properly.  He gets them taken out Friday...which unfortunately means we will be canceling our trip to Memphis to participate in the 5K this weekend. We can't put him in a kennel just recovering from the drains being removed and he's still pretty uncomfortable so we don't want to make him sit in the car for 6 hours.

While we're really bummed to miss the run this weekend, we just can't leave this little guy on his own:

Good news is, I'll be in Memphis December 9th-10th for training and I'll be able to catch up with friends and coworkers then! 

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving and hope you're getting excited for Christmas! Much love!


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