Bark in the Park!

It's no secret that we are obsessed with our dogs. In fact, it's probably fair to say we are obsessed with all dogs. So when we heard about the opportunity to combine two things we love, dogs and Braves baseball, we new it was something we couldn't pass up!  

Last night, the Braves hosted their 13th annual Bark in the Park at Turner Field.  It was an evening game, which helped keep everything nice and cool, especially since there was so much excitement for the dogs!  Prior to arriving, we were a little concerned about the set up, but it ended up being really well thought out.  by the organization. The dog section was barricaded off from the rest of the stadium so the dogs didn't have to weave their way through throngs of fans (it also kept those who were not dog-fans away from the dogs).  The section had it's own hospitality deck that hosted various pet vendors and rescue organizations. 

It was open seating up in the stands (and I should say waaaay up in the stands!) so that people could move about and find spots that were comfortable for their dogs.  There were tons of dogs there and we saw dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Yep, that's a dog in a tutu!

A golden posing for a shot.

We sat next to this poodle/shepherd, Moose. He was clearly not a baseball fan...

After a few innings, we decided to get up and stretch our legs a bit.  There were kiddie pools set up that the dogs could swim in (Driver was the only one to participate in that activity), as well as some shopping.

A shot of the downtown Atlanta skyline.

We had to get Pickles a t-shirt, of course.

Back in the stands and Driver started acting goofy.  He apparently forgot that he was 50lbs and decided he only weighed 10:

Really Driver?
Pickles getting in on the action.

It was a lot of excitement for the little guy!

My favorite picture of the evening!

All in all, it was a wonderful evening! The Braves won and even though we got a little bit of rain, we were up  under cover.  This will definitely be an annual event for the Howards!

Love y'all!


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