Our new digs!

Branch and I were so excited to move into our brand-spanking-new apartment 2 weeks ago! The complex is so new that 2/3rds of it is still  under construction...which has been an experience to say the least! 

Once completed, the first floor of our complex will be filled with restaurants, bars and shops like Anne Taylor Loft, Jos A. Banks, CVS, and boutiques. I'm anxiously waiting for it's completion!

The pictures below are all the "befores" we took as soon as we were handed the keys!  Lots of progress has since been made and we'll get those posted ASAP!

One feature we were unaware of (and thankfully so were the leasing agents when they priced the unit!) was our incredible view of Buckhead from our living room windows.  Since the place is so new, we were unable to see our actual apartment until after we signed the lease.

Looking out the backside of our apartment, we face the sun deck.  This is still under construction but they're hoping it'll be finished by this weekend. That lovely construction man is vacuuming out what will soon be a water feature where you can set your lounge chairs in the water while sun bathing.

Above is a little more of our view.

Moving inside, here's the layout of our apartment: 

The layout is perfect for us! Huge kitchen, living and dining room, with a cozy bedroom.  All the fixtures in the apartment are very nice, with the exception of the wall-to-wall carpeting that exists in our living room.  Do you know how excited we are to have our own outdoor space again!?! We literally did a happy dance!

I apologize in advance for the bad lighting/poor photography. These were all taken on Branch's cell phone.

Shot of kitchen from living room.

More of the kitchen from the living room. 

Our fancy-schmancy quartz counter tops.  While these are pretty, I think we're both more excited just to have a hose attachement on our sink faucet! (something we had to live without for a year in our last place)

The gorgeous!! glass tile backsplash and stainless appliances. This picture doesn't do it justice!

Bathroom shot! 

The one and only master closet.  In addition to this one closet, we have a small linen closet and a hall closet.  I'll be doing a followup post on how we made this work...

View of living room from bedroom.  Our TV/entertainment center will be going on that center wall between the two windows.  The nook to the right is where Branch's desk will go. 

View of bedroom from bathroom.  Right now, it doesn't look like much. It's a snug fit, not very wide, but fairly long and we've come up with some creative storage solutions to make it all work. 

I'm so pleased with how the place has come along and hope y'all will like the results as well!! Stay tuned! Love y'all!


  1. Hold on - there's gonna be an Ann Taylor LOFT in your building?!?!? Holy cow, that would get me in a lot of trouble. I hope you have good restraint.

    The new digs look great...so sparkly and swanky and new! Can't wait to see what all you've done so far. How are the pups adjusting?

    Do you think the water feature that you can lounge in will become Spring Break central like at the Arbors? I hope not, for your sake! That's a nice perk to have so close!


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