14 Months

It's been a minute! We've been busy bees trying to soak up as much of this beautiful (and mild!) Tennessee Spring as possible before the heat sets in. Easton is growing like a weed and his little personality develops by the day!

For awhile, I didn't think I had enough pictures to fill a whole post, which is why I didn't write anything. Now I think I have enough to break into two parts! Whoops!

As I've said before: Easton has two favorite hobbies - Eating and Sleeping!

He learned how to eat a banana "like a big boy" this month. It keeps things a little cleaner :)

Easton loves just about everything, but he really loves bread!

On one of the warmer days, a friend and I met up for lunch with our babies. We took them to get Las Paletas popsicles (Easton's first popsicle!). Needless to say, he was a huge fan!

When we go out to eat, we have to order the boy his own meal, and he typically eats the whole thing. He's also really good about eating off his plate now, and thankfully hasn't figured out that he can swipe it off the table and onto the ground yet.

Bear can be such a ham, especially when the phone camera comes out! He loves making silly faces to get everyone laughing :)

And just like his Daddy, Easton loves Nashville-style hot chicken. Ok, so he doesn't actually like spicy chicken, but he loves getting to go out to dinner with Daddy!

Want to know what Easton doesn't love? BATH TIME

We've started using a few drops of essential oils in the bath which has made a huge improvement but he still hates having his hair washed.

(Lazy parenting)

Like all babies this age, Easton is super curious and can spend a good amount of time trying to figure out new things such as door hinges...

...And trying to bust through the gate on the stairs.

He occasionally stand for us, but no signs of walking just yet.

Bear really loves music and enjoys playing on pianos big and small!

We're lucky enough to have a Gymboree Play Gym nearby.  They offer activity classes for babies and a have daily "Open Gym". Sometimes we just need to get out of the house so taking Easton to open gym is a great way to take him somewhere fun to burn off his energy!

They have tunnels...

And so many balls, which are his favorite toy by far!

Until next time!

Weight: ~28lbs
Clothing size: 24 months
Teeth: 8! All four front teeth on the top and bottom. Next up: Molars!
Level of mobility: Still crawling, occasionally stands for 2.5 seconds.
New development milestones: Blowing kisses, giving kisses, and catching his beach ball
Favorite activity: Playing with his beach ball
Sleeping: We had a brief rough patch at the beginning of the month but now he's back to sleeping 12+ hours a night, a healthy morning nap (from 11am-2pm) and an afternoon nap (4-6pm) before going back down at 7:30pm.
Favorite Food: Loves all food but really loves bread, especially wheat bread (he likes the tough crusts). 
Least Favorite Food:  Hasn't found it yet.
Words?: Mama, Dada and Hi! are constant. He's started learning new words, he'll say them for a few days and then stop. The "rotating words" have been: Dog, Keys, and Hello


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