Baby's First Christmas

Happy New Year y'all! Have you recovered from the holidays yet?

Sorry for just about falling off the face of the earth - between Christmas, New Years, my birthday (complete with a trip to a lake house), A MOVE and Easton turning 9 months old, we've been busy bees to say the least! I've got a ton of pictures to catch you up with so lets jump right in!

Easton can officially crawl and now he's off to explore the world. Lock your cabinets, block your electrical outlets, gate the stairs - baby is on the move!

He loves opening and closing drawers

Exploring is tiring (no fear - the floor is clean!)

On Christmas Eve, Branch and I decided to treat our little family to a night at the Opryland Hotel using our credit card points. I feeling a little low in Christmas spirit this year with no home to decorate and there is no place more Christmasy than the Opryland Hotel! A night there definitely did the trick!

In line to check-in, eyeing his new book! Thanks Gigi!

Fun story! The place was packed. We had requested an atrium view and the woman at the front desk told us the first floor was the highest available, which was fine, but we knew we wanted to be a little higher so that there weren't people walking by our room all night. Branch kindly asked if she could check one more time to see if there was anything a little higher (and East threw her a smile for good measure) and she obliged. She kind of giggled to herself and handed us a new key.

...To the top floor we went. 

Y'all, she granted us a Christmas miracle. It was the nicest hotel room I've ever stayed in. When we walked in, even the bellhop said "Wow!"

The bedding was divine...

The view wasn't too bad either!

Easton was fascinated by the windows

The bathroom was so big, we wheeled Easton's Pack n' Play in there for him to sleep! (For the record, our son is a very noisy sleeper.)

Before dinner, we walked around and took in the millions of lights. 

Branch's parents joined us for Christmas Eve dinner :)

Then it was on to look at more lights!

The Opryland hangs over two million lights each Christmas

When we got back to the room, this bit of magic happened :)

That belly! Those thighs! That smile! I could just eat him!

Before we knew it, Christmas morning had arrived!

We ordered breakfast in bed...

...But someone was more interested in what Santa had brought him :)

A music instrument set!

Easton was too excited from the morning to take a proper nap so we packed up the car and headed back to Mimi's for the next Christmas!

Mimi gave East a super fun sports activity center:

And an awesome "electronics" set with Easton's most favorite toy ever: a remote control!

Christmas morning loungin'.

Complete with a Christmas PJ change :)

After lunch, Branch, Easton and I headed over to Branch's parents for the next round of Christmas! His Aunt Lisa was there!

Gigi isn't playing around when it comes to Christmas!

Unfortunately I didn't get more pictures from the second half of the day. It was a flurry of wrapping paper, Christmas dinner and visiting with Branch's aunts!

 Can we just talk about how Harry and David apples are the stuff dreams are made of?

The next day, we had some errands to run and stopped for lunch at Chuy's.

Who says you can't rock a Santa suit on December 26th?

More to come!

Love y'all!


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